Our rivers & lakes are being polluted, our fresh water contaminated. The Government can solve these problems if it's willing. #FreshwaterRescuePlan

Our rivers & lakes are being polluted, our fresh water contaminated.

The Government can binomo sign in solve these problems if it's willing.



The Freshwater Rescue Plan presents 7 steps the NZ Government can take immediately if it is serious about protecting & restoring our waterways. 


For Te Hauora o te Taiao (health of the environment), Te Hauora o te Wai (health of the waterways), & Te Hauora o te Tangata (health of the people), it is crucial that the Government takes meaningful steps immediately to http://www.binomo-co.in/ address the ongoing contamination of fresh water.

Like any problem, the solution is to address it step by step.



On 8 June 2017, freshwater scientists, public health advocates, tourism industry representatives, environmental organisations, doctors & academics presented the Freshwater Rescue Plan,    7 steps the Government can take immediately to binomo-co.in/ address the ongoing pollution of rivers & lakes, and the widespread contamination of freshwater in Aotearoa.



1.    Protect the health of people and their waterways by setting strict and enforceable water quality standards, based on human and Ecosystem health limits.

4.    Implement strategies to decrease cow numbers immediately.


2.    Withdraw all public subsidies of irrigation schemes, as they increase Pollution to waterways.


5.    Reduce freshwater contamination by instigating polluter pays systems nationally.

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7.    Adopt OECD recommendation to establish a whole-of-government process “to develop a long-term vision for the transition of New Zealand to a low-carbon, greener economy.”


3.    Invest in an Agricultural Transition Fund, to support the country's shift towards environmentally-sound primary industries by redirecting $480 million of public money earmarked for irrigation.


6.     Address the performance of regional councils on improving water quality through quarterly reports from the Ministry for the Environment on enforcement, breaches & monitoring.